Travelling to Pattaya

The main gateway is Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is 120 km from Pattaya. A second airport, U-Tapao, is located 50 km south-east of the city. From U-Tapao can you fly to Samui, Phuket and other holiday destinations.

From the Suvarnabhumi airport can you select the following modes of transport:

  • Rental car.
  • Hotel van or limousine. It is booked when you book the hotel.
  • Limousine. The official provider is AOT Limousine.
  • Taxi. They operate from level 1 in the terminal building (one level below the arrival hall). There are three queue lines: Local travel, regular travel and large taxis for those with more than two bags. The taxi driver is obliged to use meter. If not, get out at take another taxi. The cost to Pattaya is 1,100 to 1,200 baht + 50 baht airport fee + 60 baht in motorway fee. Travel time is about 90 minutes.
  • Bus: There are two bus lines, and the travel time is 2 hours. The first bus company has a ticket boot at exit 8 at level 1. The trip costs 120 baht, and the bus stops at three stops along Sukhumvit Road before it reaches the end point near Jomtien (south Pattaya). The second company, Bell Travel Service, is almost twice as expensive, but stops at the hotels. The ticket must be booked in online, as there’s no ticket office at the airport.

For local transport in the city can you also use “bath-bus”, which is a pick-up converted for passenger transport. This is much cheaper than a taxi. It is also possible to hire motorbikes, but this is at your own risk. The traffic in Thailand is dangerous, and the mortality rate on the roads is among the highest in the world.