Thailand red-light

Thailand is the land of smiles and opportunities. The best known red-light areas are found in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Here can money give you anything from a quick blow job in a shady bar to a pampering photo model experience in luxurious surroundings. In short, you get what you pay for.

It is not easy to categorize the establishments, because they often overlap each other in several aspects. But they have some distinct differences:

  • Happy ending massage. A service offered by massage salons in touristic areas. Ask for oil or lotion massage, and you will receive massage followed by an offer you cannot refuse. The masseuse is dressed.
  • Body-to-body (B2B) massage. Salons or parlours where massage skills are secondary. The standard varies from small cubicles to spacious rooms with Jacuzzi. The girl is naked and rubs her body sensually over yours. Happy ending is standard, and at some places may you be offered more.
  • Soapy massage. A parlour with “fish bowl” and full service. The standard varies from small rooms with shower and questionable air condition to luxurious VIP suites with Jacuzzi, sauna, karaoke, pool table and complimentary dinner.
  • Bar girls. Hired by the bars to attract customers and sell beer, the girls can be invited to your place. Sometimes do they ask you first.
  • Escorts. Online agencies with girls that will come to your place.