Samui red-light

Koh Samui is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. The island has lush vegetation, many beaches, narrow roads and some of the finest resorts you can imagine. Still, backpackers will feel at home here. Samui is a place for water sports, beach parties, indoor skydiving and hiking in the forests.

And if you want to find a naughty girl for the night, you head for Chaweng, the small town just south of the airport. Unlike the soapy massage parlours in Bangkok, which become busy after lunch, does the Samui red light scene only wake up a couple of hours after sunset. The only exemption are the massage salons, which may open as early as 9 in the morning.

Happy ending massage
The large salons in the main street of Chaweng offer traditional Thai massage of high quality, but nothing more. To receive the little extra should you look for the smaller salons in the alleys and in the street behind the main street, Chumchon Chaweng Yai Soi 4. Here will you, with 99 % certainty, be offered massage with happy ending (or even more). Such salons are marked with red “heat zones” on the map below.

Body-to-body (B2B) massage: Some salons offer B2B, which means less massage and more pleasure. Standard price is 1,500 bath for one hour with a happy ending. You may be offered full service, but this is not the rule. In this game does “one hour” mean “maximum one hour”. So don’t complain if you are not able to last for a full hour. There’s nothing personal, just business.

The bathrooms as most of the salons are worth to be mentioned. If they have a working shower, then it’s luxury. At many salons do they have a barrel with water and a large ladle. Well, this can be fun, too!

One B2B salon stands out, and that is Ki-Mo-No, which specializes in Japanese nuru B2B massage with one, two or three therapists. This is a high quality parlour, and one hour nuru massage on an inflatable air mat costs from 2,500 bath.

B2B salons are marked with orange hearts on the map below.

Soapy massage parlours: There’s only one “Massage & Entertainment” parlour in Samui, and that is The Resort Entertainment. They claim to be open 24 hours a day, but most of the action happens after 20:00. The girls are divided in two categories: “Normal girls” at 3,500 bath and “models from Bangkok” at 5,500 bath. Compared to Bangkok are they overpriced, but at Samui are there many tourists and no competition. The parlour is marked with a red heart on the map below.

Bar girls: The area with the highest concentration of bar girls is Soi Green Mango. This is an U-shaped alley starting at the corner of Hooters and Bondi Aussie Bar. Some promising places are Henry Africa’s Bar, Five Ways Bar, Monthian, Lucky Bee Bar, Happy Bar, Alice Bar and Conchita’s Bar.

There are two Go-Go bars in Soi Green Mango. The first is Dream Girls, with is a traditional, but boring Thai Go-Go bar with expensive beer. The second Go-Go bar is Galaxy, which is more plush and expensive. Galaxy’s attraction is Russian dancers, but they look rather ordinary. The Go-Go bars, and consequently Soi Green Mango, are marked with blue hearts on the map below.