Poor man’s parlours

For regular Thais are soapy parlours in tourist areas relative expensive. So they go to lesser known parlours outside the town centres. Those parlours are identified with a “นวด” (massage) sign along a main road and are located in buildings often decorated with posters of young girls in lingerie. Without exemption are the buildings old, and some of them even resemble a shack.

In most cases don’t the staff speak English. The reason is simple: Their clientele are Thais and not foreigners. So unless you can speak some Thai, you will have to use hand language to get yourself understood. The masseuses can be described as “those who didn’t make it to the top” (young and ugly) or “those who are over the top” (old and ugly). That said, you may be lucky and find a gemstone, although the odds are against you.

The price can be up to 1,600 baht, which I suspect is “farrang” price, because for that price can you get better deals in B2B salons in the red light areas.

The rooms have seen better days, and the cleanliness is questionable. But at least are the bed linen and the towels clean. The service can be anything from mediocre to satisfactory. It appears that many of the masseuses are used to be told what to do by their clients, so when a foreigner shows up and cannot speak Thai, they don’t know what to do.

I have visited a few of those establishments, but don’t recommend them unless you are short of money and very desperate. Here is one example: Rerewadee Massage in Ramkhamhaeng Road.