Phuket City

Phuket City – or Phuket Town – is the largest city on Phuket island and located 32 km from the airport. Although not as famous as Patong when it comes to bars and massage salons, Phuket City has Phoonpol Night Plaza.

At Phoonpol Night Plaza will you find one soapy parlour and several body-to-body (B2B) parlours. They open after noon and are open until midnight or as late as 02:00. Most of the staff are owls, because when I visited the area at 19:00 were most of the parlours sparsely staffed.

Phoonpon Road
Easy Massage
This parlour has moved the fishbowl outside. At the time of my visit were there three young and fairly attractive girls there. The price for B2B massage and full service is 1,500 bath for one hour and 2,300 bath for two hours.
Katherine Massage & Escort
Katherine must have the most beautiful girls in the street. You pay 2,600 bath for 90 minutes with shower, B2B massage (lotion) and full service. They also offers outcall service from their website.
Lady Night Massage
This parlour has moved the fishbowl outside, but at the time of my visit was it very quiet there.
New Angel Massage
Formerly named Angel, New Angel is the only parlour in the area with a traditional fishbowl. It is open from 14:00 until 02:00. The parlour is not so big, but the fishbowl is packed with masseuses aged from 20 years; most of them are average in appeareance. For 3000 bath will your get two hours B2B massage including full service. At the time of my visit were there many Chinese guests there, and some of them were smoking indoors, creating a not so pleasant environment.
"Thai Massage"
This unnamed parlour was not open at the time of my visit. It appeared that they were installing new furnishing.
The One Massage
Run by an old man, this parlour has some attractive, young masseuses. For 2,300 bath will you get a shower, B2B massage and full service.