Pattaya red-light

Most of the nightlife in Pattaya takes place between Beach Road and Second Road (Pattayasaisong). Those streets have one-way traffic; southbound on Beach Road and northbound on Second Road. They are frequently patrolled by too many bath buses, so it is easy to get around. The alleys between Beach Road and Second Road are called Pattaya 1, Pattaya 2 and so on, or just Soi 1, Soi 2 etc. The alleys east of Second Road are called Saisong 1, Saisong 2 and so on.

If you look for full service massage, then you head for parlours offering “Body Massage”. This is the same as “Massage and Entertainment” parlours in Bangkok. Most of Pattaya’s parlours have air mattress, where you will receive bubbly body-to-body massage before the grande finale.

Honey 1
This parlour is located in Pattaya Sai Song 11 near LK Metro. Many beautiful ladies are waiting for you, but watch your head, because the ceiling is low!
Honey 2
Next to Siam Hotel and opposite of Central Marina, this parlour is easy to find. Great bubbly massage on air mattress.
P.P. Body Massage
Located not far from LK Metro. If you come early will you find many BBW, which is great if that's your passion. Otherwise will you have to wait until sunset when the other masseuses are arriving.
Located between Soi 5 and Soi 6, this is the largest parlour in Pattaya. But they don't have air mattress, and the rooms are in need for redecorating. My masseuse was a poor match: She was impertinent and rude enough to demand a tip.
Sabai Dee
Located next to Soi 2 and opposite of Central Marina, Sabai Dee is nearly a copy of Sabai Room. The most noticeable difference is the mirror in the ceiling.
Sabai Room
This parlour is unique, because it is part of Sabai Resort, a quite large hotel complex with three pools next door to Central Marina. Upgraded in 2016, this place offers yoghurt massage as well as the traditional bubbly massage on an air mattress.
The map below

Red hearts: Body massage parlours listed above.

Red “hot spots” with green frame: Massage salons with a good chance for extra service. Some promising areas are Pattaya 3, Pattaya 13/2 (many sexy girls in the middle of the alley) and Saisong 11 near Soi Buakhao.

Green areas with black frame: Areas with large concentration of beer bars, go-go bars and night clubs. Listed from north to south they are:

  • Pattaya 6 and Pattaya 6/1: Located between Beach Road and Second Road on north Pattaya, Soi 6 has a naughty reputation. Almost every building is a beer bar or a go-go bar. Soi 6/1 is a ladyboy domain, and if you can walk there without being touched, pulled in the arm and offered massage with extras, then you are not a man.
  • Pattaya 7 and Pattaya 8: Located between Beach Road and Second Road and home to Pattaya’s largest beer bar complex, and a few go-go bars.
  • Soi LK Metro: This is a L-shaped street with many bars located around LK Metropole Hotel. Soi LK Metro is growing in popularity, because the price level is lower than in Walking Street.
  • Walking Street: Every evening is Beach Road between Pattaya 13 and Pattaya 16 in south Pattaya closed for vehicles and becomes the most popular entertainment strip for tourists. It has become normal to see groups of big eyed Chinese tourists following after their guide through the street. When including the nearby alleys, Walking Street has the highest concentration of bars and entertainment venues in Thailand.