Soapy Massage in Bangkok


A typical soapy massage parlour in Bangkok is open from noon to midnight, seven days a week, and average starting price is 2,500 bath for 90 minutes. There may be fewer girls at work on Sundays, which is quietest day of the week. Most of the customers are locals in need for relaxation after a day’s hard work.

At opening hours are the parlours almost deserted. The girls arrive one by one, change clothes and fresh up their makeup before they proceed to the fishbowl. After a couple of hours do most of the parlours come to life. In Bangkok are the most popular parlours full of guests before sunset. So if you want find the most attractive girls, you should arrive not later than 17:00.

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The majority of the soapy parlours in Bangkok are located in three areas: Petchaburi Road, Rama IX Road and Ratchadaphisek Road. Below are they sorted in alphabetical order by the street name:

  • The STARS reflect the quality of the premises, similar to a hotel rating. One star is not recommended at all, because the property is in poor shape. Two stars are just acceptable. Three stars describes an average facility. Four stars and up are premises of good quality, and the best of them have restaurant, live music and VIP suites.
  • The DOLLAR signs describe the price level. A single $ means that the initial price is up to 1,000 bath. $$ means that the initial price is up to 2,000 bath, and so on. A plus sign indicates that there are several price levels where the highest price exceeds the first price group. Be aware that the prices are those given to the author at the time of the visit.
  • The HEARTS is a very subjective score as experienced by the author.

Click on the picture to read more about each parlour. There’s a map at the bottom of the page.

Lat Phrao Road
V2 Entertainment
Refurbished and pleasant: The rooms are well decorated and have a large bathtub. The parlour also have suites with sauna and Jacuzzi. And the girls are nice too.

Petchaburi Road
Traditional parlour at budget price: You shouldn't expect too much here, but some of the girls look pretty okay.
Shower, massage and entertainment on a budget: This is not the most visited parlour, so you have a chance to find a nice girl even when arriving late.
Soap bubble massage! Despite some bad reviews at other forums about pushy staff, Cupidy is the place where you get the right stuff. And the girls are sexy, too.
Ordinary and average: Evita is at the middle of everything. The girls are just okay and cannot manage to excite me.
Old-fashioned parlour in many ways: You get a shower, massage and “bom-bom” for a very low price, and the reason is that the girls aren't girls any more.
La Belle
Highest standard: Modern, well maintained, Jacuzzi in all rooms and top notch girls. Can you ask for more?
Good standard and beautiful girls: This place is popular, and you have to arrive early to find the best girls.
Average but popular: You better arrive early or take a drink and wait for the dream girl to come by.
Porn Petch
Nice and tidy rooms for that price: Some girls are well above 30 years of age, but in between are there some gemstones.
Not so much to see: Papasan tried his best to promote the girls, but not even the "supermodels" were attractive.

Prasert-Manukitch Road
Seven House of Angles
An upscale parlour in northern Bangkok with a water pool show.

Phatthanakan Road
Gentlemen's club: Tarawadee has all you need for a bachelor party, or just want to spend some time with one of the beautiful ladies.

Rama IX Road
Nice parlour at an affordable price: Despite being a bit overshadowed by its more fashionable neighbour, La Defense, Catherine is pleasant place with attractive young girls.
Popular parlour with VIP lounges: The car park is full almost every evening. The fish bowl consists of a mix of young and a more experienced girls. But the most attractive girls will be occupied if you arrive too late.
La Defense
Great atmosphere: A full car park says it all. You have to arrive before 17:00 if you want the most popular girls. But even the "leftovers" are young and attractive.
Long Beach
Beautiful young girls: Long Beach belongs to the Lord Group and is a fashionable parlour. There are several lounges, each given maritime names, such as Queen Mary after the famous Atlantic Ocean liner.
Jacuzzi is standard: Soulmate was formerly known as “The Office” and was renovated in 2016. The interior is modern. The girls are between 20 and 30, and the neatly decorated rooms have karaoke and Jacuzzi.
Suite 39
Ordinary, but busy: This parlour is popular among the locals, and at 19:00 were there few girls left in the fishbowl.
The Bank
Not as expected: The Bank is said to be upscale, but the carpet at the entrance is full of holes. And the interior has seen better times, too. Even at prime time were there few gusts and more Mamasans than girls, which are just ordinary.
Upscale parlour with photo models: This is a place for the elite. The girls are young and attractive, the rooms are delicate, and the VIP lounges are great.

Ramkhamhaeng Road
Ocean Resort
A big disappointment: The girls were uninspiring and hardly bothered to look up from their phones, and Mamasan was pushy. I stayed and hoped for a little miracle, but it never happened.
Special offer for you, but this wooden shack is in desperate need for renovation ... and more attractive girls.

Ratchadaphisek Road
A neat parlour with some attractive girls: The rooms are nice and clean. Standard rooms have bathtub, and a room with Jacuzzi costs only 300 bath extra.
Copa Cabana
Stylish parlour with attractive girls: Copa Cabana belongs to the Lord Group and is a beautifully place. And the girls are young and fit.
Nuru gel massage! Asian tourists love this place, and the main reason is the girls. And I also like the fact that the girls are not chatting on their phone, but gossip with each other ... and flirt with attractive guests like me.
Hi Class
Attractive girls and moderately priced: This is a pleasant parlour, albeit a little old. I have to come back.
Merci beaucoup: First impression is so-so, until you see the girls. Oh-la-la. I'm loving it.
Dated building, but young and fit girls. Previously named Colonze 2, this parlour is part of Crystal Love Hotel.
The tallest parlour in Bangkok: The higher you go, the hotter the girls and the bigger the suites.
Good atmosphere and good girls, if you arrive early enough.
The Lord
James Bond would feel at home here: Girls with high WOW-factor and suites beyond five-star standard. Put it on your bucket list!

Sathon district
Ida Entertainment
This parlour is not easy to find, but it is definitely worth it!

Seri Thai Road
Better than the smaller and less attractive parlours in the area.

Srinagarindra Road
Restaurant and night club with massage: They charge 800 bath for two hours, but full service may cost extra. But honestly, I don't want to figure it out.

Sukhumvit Road
Location, location, location: Opposite of Majestic Grande Hotel and close to Nana Plaza, Annie's has the perfect location.