Only in Thailand

A member on Quora once asked the following question: “What is your “only in Thailand” moment?” Here are some of the more piquant answers:

  • “I owned and ran a Ladyboy bar in Bangkok for 4 years. One night a girl left the bar with a customer and disappeared for a short time hotel adventure. She returned laughing hysterically about 3 hours later. She told us all the story. The customer was a good looking Mediterranean bloke aged about 35. They went to the hotel. He went and showered, returned to the bedroom wearing a bathrobe. The ladyboy then went for her shower. As she joined him in the bedroom, he dropped the robe and asked the ladyboy to F*** my P****. From the waist up he was a full on bloke with a hairy chest, from the waist down he was very much a woman.” K.H.
  • I was coming back from breakfast and a very pretty girl in the lift said “I go room with you. I number one in Thailand for to give blow job!” Out of curiosity I asked her why and she removed her top four and bottom four teeth. They were bridged teeth. I couldn’t refuse the offer! It was a number one service. Afterwards she said “number one yes?” I had to agree. Then she said “I just lose my boyfriend so you can marry me. OK or not?” A marriage proposal after seeing her for about one hour! C.W.

  • After a big night wandering around Soi Cowboy, I was a bit drunk and feeling festive. I picked up a girl at one end of the street who offered to join me back in my hotel room. We got a taxi and made some small talk in the back seat about the fee and what was ok to be doing. When we got to the hotel, she signed in at reception and we proceeded up to my room where the action started pretty much immediately. I was getting blown and groaning and moaning. We went at it all night and then passed out in exhaustion. In the morning I got up and went for a shower. She was just coming out as I was getting in, and I noticed for the first time that she had a not so insignificant penis dangling out. L.R.