Happy Ending Massage

Massage salons in Sukhumvit Soi 23.


Traditional Thai massage is famous for it’s healing properties. A good therapist has many years of training and experience, and can do miracles with your body. So if you want real Thai massage, you go to a salon with a good reputation and ask for two hours Thai massage, because one hour is too short to recover stiff muscles.

Some masseuses offers a little extra, so-called “Happy Ending”, which is a hand job. There’s no guarantee that you will be offered this service, but the following advices will increase your odds:

  1. Avoid expensive hotel spas, but look for salons near red-light areas.
  2. The salon is open until late (midnight).
  3. The girls are not wearing traditional Thai clothes, and often will they approach you and give their offer.
  4. Ask for oil or lotion massage. One hour is sufficient, but two hours can be heavenly.
  5. You can choose the masseuse.
Oil or lotion massage

Typical price for one hour oil massage is 300 to 500 bath. At most salons will you be offered to take a shower first in order to get rid of dust and sweat. Some salons have professional massage tables. Others have a bed or just a mattress on the floor. You undress, shower and lay down face down with a towel over your butt.

The masseuse will normally start with your legs and then move upwards to your neck. Then you turn around, and she starts with the legs again. She will massage you all the way up to the crotch, getting as close to your gentials as possible without actually touching them. It is nearly impossible not to have an erection. The masseuses are used to that.

Then, hopefully, she will ask “Extra here?” Some masseuses will mention a price right away, which may be negotiated a little bit down. Others let you decide how much you will tip. Normal rate is 500 bath.

Tantric massage

Some massage salons and B2B parlours offer tantric massage, which is massage of the erogenous zones of the body. It is described as massage where “physical and spiritual sexual energies are woven together”. And in the hands of a skilled therapist is it a heavenly experience. There are two variants of tantric massage:

  • Lingam is erotic massage provided for men. In Sanskrit does “lingam” mean penis.
  • Yoni is erotic massage provided for women. In Sanskrit does “yoni” mean vulva.

In Bangkok is tantric massage for men and women offered by some B2B parlours in Sukhumvit 22. My recommendations are Absolute Massage, Bangkok Passion, Honey Bee, Kiss 1 and Kiss 2.

Akasuri body scrub

Akasuri is a Japanese name for a Korean style body scrub. The treatment consists of body scrub with rough gloves, lotion massage and a happy ending. The therapist rubs your body with a rough gloves, removing dead skin cells and stimulating the blood circulation in the process. You will feel like a hot tomato. For that reason is Akasuri called “red scrub”.

There are not many salons offering Akasuri in Bangkok, but i can recommend Kochoran in Sukhumvit 33.