GoGo bars in Bangkok

(Dollhouse, Soi Cowboy)

Trying to rank GoGo bars is like trying to compare apples and cherries against bananas and mango. They are all delicious, but your final impression depends mostly on the people you meet, the music they were playing and the performance they happened to show at the time of your visit. So the lists below are very subjective, but the girls are at least 100 % girls. Bangkok has three distinct red-light areas where most of the GoGo bars are located.

1 Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit Soi 4. Nearest Sky Train station is Nana (Sukhumvit line). Nana Plaza claims to be the largest sex complex in the world and consists of a courtyard surrounded by roughly 30 bars and short-time hotels located on three floors. Most of the bars are GoGo bars, but there are also some ladyboy bars there, so watch out! (DC-10 is infamous for pulling in innocent by-passers.) Some good GoGo bars in Nana Plaza are:

  • Bangkok Bunnies. This is the largest GoGo bar in Nana Plaza with up to 200 dancers on four stages.
  • Billboard. A large GoGo bar with a Jacuzzi show.
  • Butterflies. A large GoGo bar.
  • Mandarin. An old-fashioned GoGo bar known for good music and attractive dancers.
  • Spanky’s. Oh yes, they may spank you.

2 Soi Cowboy is a short alley between Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asok Montri) and Soi 23. Nearest Sky Train station is Asok (Sukhumvit line), and nearest MRT station is Sukhumvit (exit 2). The name Cowboy originates from the American owner of the first GoGo bar in the soi; he was always wearing a cowboy hat. Some good GoGo bars in Soi Cowboy are:

  • Baccara. The largest GoGo bar in Soi Cowboy. Visitors can view dancers at the floor above through a glass ceiling.
  • Cowboy 2. Popular place with many young girls.
  • Crazy House. Located in Soi 23 just around the corner of Soi Cowboy, Crazy House has a reputation of being just that – crazy. You either love it, or you hate it.
  • Dollhouse. One of the very best.
  • Lighthouse. Friendly staff and good atmosphere.
  • Long Gun. For the last two decades has this place been one of the most popular GoGo bars.
  • Tilac. A large GoGo bar with DJ and real Coyotes (pole dancers) who can dance.

3 Patpong in Silom is the place where Thailand’s GoGo culture started. This area consists of two parallel alleys named Patpong Soi 1 and 2 located between Silom Road and Surawong Road. Soi 1 also serves as a night market where you can buy everything from souvenirs to t-shirts and fake luxury watches made in China. Nearest Sky Train station is Sala Daeng (Silom line). Nearest MRT stations is Silom. Some good GoGo bars is Patpong are:

  • Bada Bing (Patpong 2). A popular gogo bar.
  • Black Pagoda (Patpong 2). This is a combined GoGo bar and night club located on a glass bridge three floors above the street. The girls are young and kinky.
  • Electric Blue. (Patpong 2). A place with good dancers.
  • Glamour. (Patpong 2). A modern gogo bar.
  • Kiss. (Patpong 1). A 1980s style gogo bar and a great place to find company.
  • Pink Panther. (Patpong 2). A hassle free gogo bar where the girls are dancing on small tables for small groups of customers. They even have Muay Thai boxing every night at 23:00.
  • The Strip. (Patpong 2). A medium sized gogo bar with the opportunity for private lap dance.