Escorts in Thailand

Why bother to go out and search for a girl, pay lady drinks and barfines, or visit shady parlours with doubtful hygienic standards when you can go online and select an escort to come to your place? There are several escort agencies in the largest cities of Thailand, and several B2B parlours offer outcall service from their websites.

An escort in Thailand will cost you minimum 3,000 bath for two hours.

Escorts from agencies

Hiring an escort from an agency or parlour has several advantages. You are less likely to be scammed, because the agency has a reputation to take care of. Furthermore are employed escorts tested for sexually transmitted diseases at regular intervals.

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Independent escorts

There are several dating sites where you can meet independent Thai escorts. They may be students who want an income to pay for their studies and living costs, adventure seekers, women looking for a friend to take care of them for some time, or full time sex workers.

But you will have to invest some time to make a good profile, because you will have to compete with many other men like you. Unlike massage parlours, where you chose the girls, a dating site is the place where the girls select you. My advise is: Do not post a picture of your penis. A face is more attractive. is the leading dating site when it comes to hook up with naughty women around the world. Thailand, and especially Bangkok, is well represented. is the leading dating site in Thailand. Although many of the women are looking for a long term partner, you will find many girls looking for fun and adventure. In many cases do their profile picture say it all.