B2B Massage

Body to Body (B2B) massage is a sensual experience. You are both naked, and the masseuse rubs her body over yours and uses various body parts to massage your muscles.

B2B parlours offer a wide range of services, from a quick hand job to pampering four-hand massage (two masseuses). At some places does the menu include prostate massage, role play, BDSM and other kinky stuff. Standard finish is a happy ending. At some parlours may you be offered full service. Some of those parlours offer outcall service as well.

Unlike soapy massage parlours do B2B parlours not have a “fishbowl”. Instead are the masseuses lined up in front of the guest, or they are presented one by one. This puts some pressure on the guest who feels obliged to make a quick decision. But you are always free to politely say “no thanks” and leave.

There are four different types of massage lubricants:

1Oil is the most common lubricant used for B2B massage. The massage oil is plant-based and may contain various aromatic extracts, such as lemongrass and coconut. Oil makes the skin smoother, but the disadvantage is that it stains clothing. You will certainly need a shower after an oily session.

2Lotion is similar to oil in usability and is gaining popularity over oil because it is water soluble and doesn’t stain clothing. The lotion can be aromatic; for example can lotion with aloe vera keep your skin smooth for many days. Many massage spas offer both oil and lotion, so it is up to you what your prefer. But most masseuses prefer lotion.

3Nuru gel is a very slippery gel made from seaweed. It originates from Japan and has become very popular for B2B massage. Some parlours use an air mattress for this purpose, but it is not a necessity. An advantage with nuru gel is that it is water soluble, which means that it doesn’t stain clothing and is easy to wash away. Nuru gel has good healing properties for the skin and is also safe to use with pleasure toys.

4Soap bubble massage origins from Turkish baths – Hamams. A lot of water is involved, so an air mattress is essential for this variant of B2B massage. Only a few parlours offer soap bubble massage, which must not be confused with soapy massage. The latter means that the girl wash your thoroughly with soap in a shower or bathtub. Soap bubble massage is by far more exiting!